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[murders the next fucking family member who says anything even slightly shitty to me]

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you ever wanna take a pic

but like the camera like “damn shawty not today” 

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plot bunnies


  • frat house; a frat hooking up with a sorority or even the nerdy chick
  • saw; two people are stuck in a room and are force to ‘play a game’
  • coyote ugly; two girls work at the same bar and become friends or a girl works at a bar and meets a guy there
  • stranded; two people are stuck on an abandoned island with no way of getting off of it. if they’re going to survive, they’ll have to work together but there’s one problem—they hate each other
  • just friends; two people—preferably long term best friends—act more like a couple and everyone keeps asking if they’re dating but they just keep saying, ‘no, we’re just friends’
  • teen mom; a girl in high school gets pregnant with her boyfriend and problems ensue
  • chatroom; two teenagers meet in an online chatroom and instantly become good friends. they stay up late at night, telling each other their problems and soon decide to meet up in person
  • library; the school’s bad boy doesn’t usually hang around places such as the library. he fails classes all the time so, the library just isn’t the place for him. but soon his parents sign him up for tutoring and he’s forced to go to the library where he soon meets his tutor—someone he never expected to be the tutor.
  • runaway; a distraught teenager runs away from home and soon finds themselves lost in a big city. that’s when they meet someone who they think could help them out a lot
  • kingdom come; a princess of a big kingdom is forced into marriage with someone from a different kingdom
  • celebrity/stylist or celebrity/fan
  • safe haven; a mysterious new person moves into a small community where they meet someone they’ve fallen for completely but when secrets of their past get out, things get a little messy
  • soulmate tattoo; in a perfect world, people are born with the names of their soulmates tattooed on their wrist. their challenge, is to find their soulmate. two people meet on a park bench and hit it off instantly soon they find themselves falling in love with each other but—either neither of the tattoos match the other person or only one of them does
  • cyberbully; high school’s a tough place but it’s even tougher when the entire school’s laughing at you. that’s when you need someone to help you through and that’s exactly what you’ll get.
  • pen pals; high schooler’s are given the option to sign up for a pen pal and that’s precisely what two teenagers did. they just didn’t expect to like their pen pal as much as they do.
  • military; while working at a cafe one day, she meets a young man dressed in his military apparel. the two soon find themselves falling in love but, him being away on military leave turns out harder than she ever imagined.
  • fake date; she was engaged to be married but then, the unthinkable happened. the man left and that was it. now her sister is getting married and she has to bring a date. the only problem is, she doesn’t feel like dating. so quickly searching through the yellow pages, she finds an escort and decides—that’ll be her date.
  • idk those are the only ideas i’ve got, sorry!
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seriously just thinking about dropping all rps right now. i don’t have time, and even less inspiration/motivation, and i think my house’s wi-fi and my laptop and aim are trying to force me into it anyways by screwing up all of the time so i can literally only get stuff done like one out of every four days. i know all of my partnersr/fellow rpers are probably fed up with my sporadic activity. plus baby kelly is leaving for awhile, and baby rebekah is leaving for the weekend and i just


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chordover @jennaushkowitz thanks for lending me your seeing eye dog :)

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Me in the apocalypse. 

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